How to change net bag's

Hoop style nets (Black Micro Mesh tape the ends of the frame 1st)        bg_short_handle_weigh

  1. Loosen the screw at the yoke where the hoop ends enter the handle.
  2. Grasp the handle and outer side of the hoop. Twist the hoop slightly back and forwards.  Pull slightly with each hand to remove the hoop ends out of the handle.
  3. Taking care to see how the loops of the net bag are arranged on the hoop,  remove the old net bag.
  4. Beginning with the replacement net bag, find where seam starts go to middle of both seams. Thread each loop over one of the hoop ends taking care to ensure the loops are facing the same direction.  Having the hoops facing the same direction will ensure the bag hangs correctly on the hoop.
  5. When all loops are threaded onto the net hoop, take brass ring off old net bag and put it on new one by pushing knot at the end of frame through ring then pull net bag loop over brass ring.
  6. Place the ends of the hoop into the handle and repeat step 2 above to get the hoop ends securely back into the handle.
  7. Place the net hoop on the end of a flat surface and adjust the handle to get the yoke in line with the hoop by holding the hoop flat and twisting the handle slightly.
  8. Tighten the yoke screw to secure the handle to the hoop and go fishing!

Folding style Nets telescopic-hinged-tri-weigh-net

  1. Open net arms with bronze release yoke down and exposing the stainless steel pin and split ring holding the (2) net loops.
  2. Carefully open split ring and release the (2) net bag loops.
  3. Remove one of the arms from the aluminum yoke being careful not to misplace tube sleeve if arm bolt includes tube sleeve.
  4. Gently work the nylon cord connecting both arms from the small hole in end of arm to expose net bag double loop clove hitch.  Undo loop and repeat process on other arm being careful NOT to damage or cut nylon cord.
  5. Remove net from arms taking care to notice how loops are threaded over the arms and cord.
  6. Begin to loop net bag over the removed arm and arrange net bag so that sewing joint is approximately located midway down one of the arms when the net bag is threaded on both arms.  Leave (2) loops at the yoke end for connecting to the split ring.
  7. Reconnect the removed arm and tighten bolt.
  8. With the net open bring the (2) loose loops over the top of the yoke and thread them through the split ring to hold the net in the center position.
  9. With the net open, move the net bag around the triangle of the arms and cord to place the net loops evenly around the frame.
  10. Mark the loop that is closest to the nylon cord at the arm end and tie the loop with a clove hitch as removed in step 4 above.  Complete process on other arm.
  11. Net should now be able to open and close without stressing the net bag.